Welcome to K&C'S Fab 5 Studios

Salt Lake!

Welcome to K&C'S Fab 5 Studios Salt Lake!

Competition Season Registration Information:

Classes start August 20th for Champ & Pro

Classes start August 22nd for Novice, Beginning , Advanced, and Adult

​Novice​ Competition Team

Tuesday @ TBA

Beginning​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Competition Team

Tuesday @ TBA

Advanced Competition Team​​​​​​​

Tuesday @ TBA

Junior Beginning Competition Team

Tuesday @ TBA

Pro Competition Team

Tuesday @ TBA

Adult rec class

Thursday @ TBA

Ashley is the director of K&C 's Fab Five Studios Salt Lake. She has been dancing for over 25+ years. She holds the Ring of Glory which is presented after making the All American Team for 20 years, and won Rookie MVP in 2006 and Female Freestyle MVP in 2009 at the America Onstage Competitions. She has been teaching for over 5 years and has directed a Clogging studio called Rapid Fire Cloggers for the past 2 years. We are excited to have her join our Clogging family and direct the Salt Lake City location.