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Come Dance With US!

Open Nationals: May 4, 2024 for Novice - Advanced dancers

Location: Lagoon Amusement Center

Nationals: May 10-11, 2024 for Champ and Pro dancers

Location: Lagoon Amusement Center


June 12th - 14th

July 31st - August 2nd


Competitive and Recreation Clogging/Powertap studio

K & C’s Fab 5 is a clogging/power tap dance studio where dancers receive team instruction on technique, steps, and details of clogging/power tap. We believe in taking a hand, opening a mind, and touching a heart. We hope to build teamwork, friendships, and love. 

One of the best attributes of K & C's Fab 5 Studio is the teachers!  K & C's Fab 5 Studio teachers are not just qualified teachers, but they are HIGHLY qualified teachers. Every team, whether it is the 3 yr olds or the 18 yr olds, is taught by the best of the best! Teachers with numerous MVP's in individual and team events, who have danced for 20 plus years, and have taught anywhere from 10-20 years! Teachers who know this form of dance, inside and outside, and can help dancers reach their highest and fullest potential.  Since our teachers compete or have competed in the Professional division themselves, (the highest level of Powertap) this enables them to help students attain this same high-quality level of dance.


Many studios can only boast of 1 teacher with such qualifications, however, K & C's Fab 5 Studio can boast of 6, Ayrion Myers, Amanda Nelson, Cambria Gibson, Kandice Anderson, Shantel Ellis, and Ashley Rasmussen! A feature that ONLY K & C's Fab 5 studio is honored to have! In order for students to become great, they have to be taught by the most qualified teachers available, and K & C's Fab 5 Studio is thrilled to be able to offer their dancers such an extraordinary opportunity to be taught from the best! 

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